Vim is KING but Visual Studo Code is a great IDE, the best product I have seen from Microsoft in years and is opensource!

I searched the internet found the following thread on FreeBSD forums.

Prashanth K. created a:

“Port of Electron and Electron Apps - VSCode, Atom, Lighttable for Freebsd.”

To have it up and running on your machine do the following:

  • Head over to his github and download the latest VSCode release, at the time of this post is the following VSCode 1.26.0
  • Extract it and enter the folder
  • Some libs are missing from your systemm install the following: pkg install speech-dispatcher-0.8.6 snappy-1.1.6 libxslt-1.1.32
  • Now just run ./code-oss

If you have any doubts or questions ping me on freenode #freebsd #openbsd or efnet #dragonflybsd, nick dKade.